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Album Review: Reef – Revelation

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Photo: Jenny Hands

Long has passed since last Reef studio album (18 years) and some may have forgot the English band, but their fifth record Revelation is here to refresh your memory or maybe make you fall in love for the first time.

The opener Revelation may fool you: the title-track is heavily inspired by AC/DC recognisable style. I believe that the vocals, the riffs and the overall energy make Revelation a powerful song to be played live. Similarly, Precious Metal has the same AC/DC style.

Apart from metal and rock tracks, in their fifth album Reef showcase a variety of genres. Take My Sweet Love (feat Sheryl Crow), this track sounds as a lovely country song in which Gary Stringer’s rusty and raw vocals merge with Sheryl Crow’s gentle voice. Or think about Provide: this song throws you into a holiday world thanks to Gary Stringer’s neater vocals and the Caribbean like melody.

Finally, Revelation features a bunch of covers. The gospel and uplifting How I Got Over, originally by Mahalia Jackson. In this occasion, Reef are joined by a cheerful and powerful gospel chorus, who reappears later on in the slow ballade Don’t Go Changing Your Mind and in Darling Be Home Soon (originally by The Lovin’ Spoonful) and Like a Ship (Without a Sail) (originally by Pastor TL Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir).

Overall, Revelation is a really excellent comeback after 18 years. It demonstrates Reef’s eclectic style and Gary Stringer’s vocal versatility. Whether already a fan or never heard of Reef, this album will make you appreciate the English band return.