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Album Review: Porter Robinson – Worlds

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Worlds is the brand new debut album from North Carolina’s Porter Robinson. The electronic music producer has previously had a number of hit singles across a range of electronic genres, and the hype for his first full offering looms large.  A self-taught producer, Robinson was viewed as one of America’s elite at the tender age of 18, coming out on top of InTheMix’s Under 25 Producer’s category, and charting highly in a range of other DJ polls.

Porter Robinson - WorldsA bit of a work-a-thon, Robinson tours the festival scene extensively, putting in appearances across the globe at events such as Coachella, Creamfields and the Future Music festival. During 2012/2013’s Language tour, and with the ability to get his unique sound heard by the masses, his reputation grew and grew and continues to do so with each show, and each single release or remix. Robinson keeps good company too – a remix of pop-queen Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory back in 2011 didn’t harm proceedings in the slightly earlier stage of his career.

Worlds is a step away from the current EDM scene – a scene Robinson grew tired of during that mammoth tour a few years back. Instead, he chose to make music closer to his own heart and own interests. This change of eways became apparent after Robinson surprisingly dropped lead single Sea of Voices on his Soundcloud account. The more ambient approach to his style was evident. The track contains layers upon layers of atmospheric noise, not really going anywhere until a mammoth drumbeat kicks in towards the end. It’s massive and a pretty good start by any means.

Second single Sad Machine showcases another change in style. This one is more familiar to most of us, but there’s still something different going on. It’s transparent, and highlights an almost Japanese vibe with the instrumentation being used. Third single off the album Lionheart is pure synth pop. The drums carry the tune, with some classic gating going on in the choruses. It’s almost has low-fi indie pop tones running throughout, appealing to more than just your regular electro fan.

Worlds is more than just electronic music. Porter Robinson has managed to bring together a number of genres here and created tunes full of life, buoyancy and a good deal of thought, especially on the more ambient numbers. He is able to create soundscapes and build songs around those soundscapes, before throwing you into a foot stomping pop number. To bring all these elements together on one album and make it sound like a whole, complete piece of art is a great achievement, and those anxiously awaiting this release will no doubt be in for a treat.