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Album Review: Pitbull – Dale

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Miami’s Armando Perez, better known as Pitbull, returns with his 9th album, Dale – his second almost completely in Spanish. The album itself features multiple Spanish speaking guests and overall has a Latin fusion feel, but it also has some samples from The Human League, and a questionable recreation of a classic Chaka Demus & Pliers hit.

Pitbull DaleThe lack of English on the Dale may disappoint a lot of his fans that would be excepting the sing-along and radio friendly hits of previous albums but it will certainly shift some of the appreciation down south. It is likely to get the air-time that it may be missing out on in USA in Latin America where most of the guest singers originate from.

Fans of Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus & Pliers seem to have responded negatively to Pitbull’s rendition in the form of El Taxi, myself included. Blatantly taking someone else’s song and just re-writing never hits the spot with me, even when permission is granted. I think this album could of done with a few less collaborations and more of a focus on original music, that way i think maybe its popularity would of hit the heights that it has before.

Ricky Martin features on the track Haciendo Ruido bringing some nice vocals, but Pitbull has often relied on the talents of big name EDM and pop stars to carry his releases through, so its not surprising that the buzz and hype surrounding the latest release has not reached the heights that previous ones have achieved.

Pitbull recently sounded a  warning to Donald Trump: “watch out for El Chapo” he stated. Angered by Trump’s recent statements regarding Latinos. Trump’s ignorant words and Pitbull’s vocal opposition will undoubtedly drive the album’s sales up and its good to see an artist to provide such a strong objection to racism using the platform of fame.