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Album Review: Mondo Cozmo – Plastic Soul

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Photo: Travis Shinn/Universal Music Australia

When you see a title like Plastic Soul, you instantly think this is going to be an anti-materialism album bashing consumer culture.  Josh Ostrander’s solo debut album, under the alias Mondo Cozmo, couldn’t be further from this.  He’s given us love, passion, and faith.

The first two tracks are a daydream.  The records title track tells the beautifully romantic story of star-crossed lovers who find their way back to each other, regardless of which lifetime they are in.  The music gently wraps the softest blanket you’ve ever felt around your heart, settling you in for the duration of the record.

The album wakes up for Higher and Come With Me.  The upbeat tempo will get you jiggling in your seat whilst you’re scrolling through your social media feed.  Whether you’ve just finished applying your mascara or you’re soaking in aftershave, these will be a great start to a night out.

Mondo Cozmo slows down for Shine.  This gentle song has a gospel feel, especially with a choir backing the chorus and biblical references woven throughout.  The solemn sentiment continues in Thunder, though hope seems more strained than effortlessly obtained.

Energy floods back with Automatic and 11 Acre.  The latter in particular sounds perfect for a car advert roaming over mucky terrain.  The music will plant a seed of wanderlust and have you itching to go out exploring, with this as part of your soundtrack.

The feel of the album turns eerie with Angel but fear not, the tension builds up to hope, setting the path for a blissful finish with Chemical Dream.

So, what is a plastic soul?  Personally, I think it’s a mould, for shaping our thoughts, outlook, and life.  Mondo Cozmo has forged himself in love and faith, leaving behind this album as a guide for any who may wish to follow.