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Album Review: Maximo Park – Too Much Information

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It takes one to know one and with bands like Maximo Park, they’re pretty hard to miss when it comes to looking at the alternative rock scene. With their latest album, Too Much Information, the British quintet have produced a mellow and spontaneous soundtrack of songs that enliven an immersing atmosphere. Paul Smith, vocalist of the band, has mentioned that they’re an emotional band and do not come off as a “too-cool-for school” band when it comes to their music and lyrics, even if it means giving off a little too much information.

MaximoPark-TooMuchInformationStarting off with a bang, Give, Get, Take opens up the album with an upbeat tempo with heartwrenching lyrics, describing toxic chemistry between two people. An imbalance to the relationship, one-sided with carelessness and miscommunication on both parties. Impressive guitar riffs and the band partaking in synchronisation with a somewhat electronic noise, it’s almost a compliment to note down that even with the high rise beats and rhythm, it’s all too misleading as they’re lyrics explain so much more. Leave This Island continues this droned sadness in conjunction with their very detailed keyboard dominant presence throughout the song. Smith’s voice compels a strange and stomach churning vibe, similar to the vibes given by bands such as The Cure and New Order.

Giving a rock and roll sensation, My Bloody Mind, is a no brainer, starting off as a fast-paced song and ending subtly with affectionate piano notes. Following on, Midnight On The Hill, is well-worth the recognition with Smith’s peaking vocals and most importantly, the signature lyric being the same title as the release.

Alternative rock is not what it used to be and it’s clear that Maximo Park deliver formidable results with their fifth studio album. They create what appears to be upbeat and cheerful songs when in essence, expresses more sad emotions conveyed within the lyrics, like an orchestra playing background music, drawing the finale moments of Romeo and Juliet. Poignant and mysteriously dark, there’s plenty of potential for the band to release something intriguing in the near future and rest assured, fans should be anticipating for it without a doubt.