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Album Review: Issues – Issues

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Since their release of their debut EP, Black Diamonds, Issues bring a lively addition to the metalcore genre by adding an RnB influence into their music.  Their self-titled being their first album release brings out a promising future for the boys. Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn, ex-members of Woe, Is Me have made a vital contribution by providing impressive clean and unclean vocals. With their mind-raving music, catchy hooks and sporadic breakdowns as well as their way of hitting off tantalising choruses, they most definitely could pull the heartstrings of an angelic saint.

Issues IssuesMad At Myself  broadcasts the band’s aim of simply mixing metal with the Top 40 countdown. Needless to say, Carter has a gifted talent by providing superior vocals as well as keeping up with the tempo of the heavy-infuriated breakdowns Bohn exclusively brings out. Life of a Nine is full of wicked breakdowns with out-of-sequenced synths, spelling out a chaos of colours and rhythms that encourage an array of explosions that are about to happen. Stingray Affliction and Never Lose Your Flames make two strong debut singles as they both showcase the immensity and power the lyrics seem to behold the hidden truth. Tears on the Runway pt 2 featuring Nylo is a fierce track, complementary to the fact that the lovely female vocals of Nylo go well with Carter’s well-founded clean vocals. Bohn commits to the heavy breakdowns whilst still sustaining the sad emotions that are prominent in the track too.

With already having developed a groundbreaking sound, Issues bring a new meaning to metalcore. Starting off as a new band, their self-titled album is impressive and deliciously addictive, providing evidence that they do not place boundaries when it comes to making music. As ridiculous as it sounds, they combine two completely different genres and make it work, maybe a little inspiration from famous, metalcore pop-punk fusion band, A Day To Remember or nu-metal/hip-hop band Linkin Park showed them the light to this inevitable. Nonetheless, they really are a talented bunch that can hope for many good things coming their way if they continue making music that showers infectious noise, almost like a disease everybody wants to have.