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Album Review: Mac Miller – GO:OD AM

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Pittsburgh native Mac Miller took the music industry by storm back in 2010 at the tender age of 18, freestyling his way to the top over his unique and buzz-inducing compositions. After signing to indie label Rostrum Records, his debut album Blue Slide Park had the music industry and critics drooling over his addictive sound; the same can be said about his follow-up album Watching Movies With The Sound Off; not to mention the millions of hits and counting on all of his music videos on YouTube. Miller has returned with his latest instalment GO:OD AM, now signed to Warner Bros Records: how does it fare?

Mac Miller- GOOD AMThe sound of a morning alarm, smooth vocal soundscapes, an easy going atmosphere drives lead single Brand Name. Miller’s rap technique flows and you just sit back and take it all in. Not only does Miller spit smooth, but he hocks some snappy loogies: Time Flies is a little on the harsher side with its prominent beat and unpredictability.

You learn to look past the usual profanities that flourish throughout rap music, and instead you focus on the material shaped around the lyrics, the subtle moments of the album (like the second verse of Weekend) even out the more fuller moments (Clubhouse). Towards the album’s end you do grow tired of the repetitiveness, particularly with lyrics and themes when rhyming about women and money.

There is no denying Mac Millers unique take on the rap genre, there were moments on GO:OD AM where you could kick back and take in the tunes, but there were moments where you yearned for something a little more stimulating or different. If you enjoyed Miller’s previous work, you will embrace GO:OD AM with open arms, but if you’re after something that diversifies a little between tracks you may shy away a little.