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Album Review: Lorde – Melodrama

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Photo: SJM Concerts

Stepping out of her teenage years and into young adulthood, Lorde releases her sophomore album Melodrama which encapsulates her personal experience in heart break, loneliness and the spectrum of emotions an adolescent goes through in this vulnerable and whirlwind period of life. Jack Antonoff (lead singer of Bleachers) served as co-writer and –producer on Melodrama. Writing for this album commenced in 2013 and it took 18 months to record. It’s been a long wait for Lorde’s next masterpiece, and the time and care taken to produce a true treasure was worth it.

Melodrama is an apt title for both the period in life that this collection of songs represents and for its emotional range, however she approaches it all with a real sense of restraint and maturity, transforming her human experience into art. She has a particularly unique life in the spotlight as a cultural icon- she sings “I’m 19 and I’m on fire” in Perfect Places– but her ability to connect with her audience so deeply is notable. Lorde opens her heart to us all in a powerful way.

Lorde has a penchant for bridging the gap between a variety of genres seamlessly.  The lead single Green Light is an explosion of colour and energy combining a darker electronica palate with a piano pop driven dance style. Sober’s almost tribal rhythmic line bubbles with life.  Louvre begins with guitar driven rock vibe and then sails into sweet dream pop. Liability is an exposed sorrowful ballad accompanied by a simple piano part.

Melodrama is vibrant and full of life delving into the depths of hurt and loneliness and rising up to a celebration of transformation, colour and sound.