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Album Review: Little Big Town – The Breaker

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Photo: Universal Music Australia

Little Big Town are back with their eighth studio album The Breaker. This is a reflective album, looking back on childhood memories, teenage rebellion (as much as you can be rebellious in the country genre) and young love. The album can easily be related to, effortlessly connecting to any listener who comes across it. The four different vocal contributions from each member are a refreshing welcome, keeping the album from going stale.

Opening with Happy People, you’re greeted with a pleasant enough beat, even if the lyrics do feel a little judgy. Nevertheless, the cheerful tone takes precedence, and sounds as though it could be used for a montage in a self-discovery film.

Lost in California is the first standout track. This contains an elegant quality that simply demands your attention. This induces the listener to think back to their own first love, wrapping you in a gentle blanket of nostalgia.

The beat picks up on the album with tracks like Drivin’ Around and Rollin’. The songs have a sense of familiarity, making them easy to sing along to – especially if you’re on a good ole’ country road trip. The traditional country genre is experimented with throughout by adding a touch of rock and hint of synthesizers. The mix works together surprisingly well, setting apart Little Big Town from your average country band.

The lead single, Better Man, was written by Taylor Swift true to her own style. Little Big Town struggle to leave their own mark with their unique sound on the track. Since the band are playing puppet for Swift, this unfortunately feels more like a cover than an original.

The Breaker ends on a serene note with a song of the same name. This is undeniably the end, for the album, the love story, and the nostalgia. The bittersweet taste perfectly completes the album, providing a small sense of closure.

Overall, this is quite a nice album to have on in the background when the family is round, however it isn’t one that will change your life.