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Album Review: LeAnn Rimes – Remnants

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With over two decades of singing experience, American country music singer-songwriter LeAnn Rimes has little to prove. Her vocal richness has intoxicated the minds of anyone lucky enough to fall victim to feeling her tender music. Her thirteenth studio record release, Remnants, sees her astound with an abundance of gravitas and focus, with her labour love of singing unearthing a continuing enthusiastic music evolution; with no end in sight.

LeAnn Rimes - RemnantsA fitting beginning for an album leads the way as The Story gently creeps in as an inimitable LeAnn Rimes displays her catching vocal tenure. Careful country-esque ambles of ornate guitar sequences and brisk mid-tempo drum hugs yield underneath her refined singing affection. These moderate graces continue to pop up into a precise and soft-country embrace as Outrageous Love succeeds in quieting the soul. Rimes’ physical and dynamic modulation are abundant throughout Remnants, with each track entering every ounce of feasible sensation. Long Live Love is a witness to this; gliding along a contemporary neo-gospel country triumph – whereas Do It Wrong With Me radiantly showcases her captivating singing concern with a fair neo-soul jazz figure. There’s a weaving detail of unlimited direction for this record, unlike many of Rimes’ ‘one genre’ sounding albums – the kind of thing that displays an artist’s true ownership and ability to touch the listener in a private and superb demeanour.

It’s the definite and tender beauty that comes with LeAnn Rimes’ voice that captures the essence of sung completeness; all of which are here in Remnants. These qualities have been there since LeAnn’s earliest and most youngest days. A lifetime of a proud sound that she carries to each album with a unique blush – immaculately creating heightening examples of exquisite singing superiority.