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Album Review: Lawson – Lawson

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British pop-rockers Lawson have hit the scene once more after an 18 month break with the release of their fresh new self titled 10 track album Lawson. The four piece group seem to have used their break wisely and have returned with a matured sound and lyrics that have been primed with age and experience.

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The opening track We Are Kings holds a delicious pop beat and Andy Brown’s smooth vocals, setting the standards high for the remainder of the album. The beat slows at track 3, as the ballad Mountains plays. Following this is Standing In The Dark, a definite highlight of the album. With its catchy hook and  sing along lyrics, it’s almost guaranteed to keep you up at night humming the beat, wondering how it came to be stuck in your head.

A mixture of synth and acoustic guitar brings us into the start of the track Roads, bringing back the upbeat vibe we experienced at the start of the album. Roads is seemingly an exploration of addiction to another person and will have you hooked by the first time Andy sings ‘all roads lead to you.’

Another album highlight is Brokenhearted, a potential radio hit thanks to its soulful vocals and cameo by B.o.B, fitting perfectly into the sounds presented by Lawson with his impressive hip hop feature. All in all, this album is sure to satisfy Lawson’s army of fans, as well as win over a new audience and continue to grow on a global scale.