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Album Review: Laura Pausini – Greatest Hits

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There is a reason why Italian Laura Pausini is an award winning pop singer/songwriter; she has the talent and a 20 year long career to warrant that status, the songstress recently released her second greatest hits album and embarked on her world tour in celebration. Notably, Greatest Hits consists heavily of new recordings of the existing hits, along with live recordings and remastered versions. We get to relive a selection of milestones that helped shape Laura’s extraordinary career.

LauraPausini-GreatestHitsThe compilation is introduced by a beautiful new recording of the song that started it all for Laura; La Solitudine, the track was chosen for her by co-writer Andreo Valsiglio who had seen her perform in a local singing competition; it has been recognised as a very difficult song to master because of the vocal dynamics demanded of the singer, but it was a breeze for the singer and the song went on to top the Musica e Dischi singles chart. Se Fue was re-recorded in a salsa style and featuring Marc Anthony, the end result was this catchy number filled to the brim with energy; the new version of Gente was also a listening gem.

Justice was done for chart favourite Strani Amori, as well as for Incancellabile and recording Le Cose Che Vivi/Tudo O Que Eu Vivo as a duet with Ivete Sangalo was a sweet sounding move. As lovely as it is listening to Laura Pausini sing like a bird in her native Italian tongue, it was refreshing to hear English track It’s Not Goodbye sung with such emotion again in the 2013 version of the track. Tra Te E Il Mare is a different sounding track compared to others, it is more uplifting; but as existing fans you already know this! E Ritorno Da Te introduced yet another dynamic to Laura’s voice that made it somewhat more beautiful if that were possible, English written international hit Surrender was also included and Viveme was recorded again as a beautiful duet with Alejandro Sanz.   

A live version of You’ll Never Find A Love Like Mine featuring Michael Buble made the cut; their voices really complimented each other on the track. Lara Fabian featured on the re-recording of Lo Canto/Je Chante, both voices powered through the track with might. The beautiful Invece No was remastered for the compilation, remastered Italian/English duet Primavera In Anticipo (It Is My Song) with James Blunt is still a great listen, and the remastered version of Benvenuto was a fresh as ever. It was wonderful hearing Pausini’s luscious live vocal again in Resta In Ascolto/Escucha Atento recorded live at London’s Royal Albert Hall and the compilation closes on international hit Limpido which was recorded with pop princess Kylie Minogue.

Laura Pausini’s Greatest Hits defines a 20 year legacy to be enjoyed again by her existing fans and new fans alike; the new versions of each track were beautiful and Pausini should be proud of what she has to show for her amazing journey over the last two decades; from being a candidate in multiple local singing competitions, to releasing 10 studio albums and currently playing her seventh world tour. Whether you enjoy listening to the Italian language in song or not, Laura Pausini’s Greatest Hits is a beautiful listen and reminds the world why and how she came to be so successful; it’s all in the music.