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Album Review: Klaxons – Love Frequency

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When one thinks of the idea of music, the first thing that should come to mind is it being the expression of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Some, like Alicia Keys did with songs like Fallin’, will express feelings of deep infatuation or uncertainty about that infatuation while others, like Eminem, use it as a form of therapy to rid themselves of toxicity and mourning in their lives. No matter what artist one is considering, there was a purpose in the music that they made. For the ears of their fans, it not only opens up a gateway to the lives of their favorite musicians but also gives them a sort of friend that understands what they’re going through, like anyone who has ever played songs such as Careless Whisper by George Michael after a breakup will attest to. On the other hand, with music that oozes positive energy and excitement from every sound held within a song, our spirits can be uplifted and our mood sweetened, something that is very much the case with an album such as Love Frequency by Klaxons.

Klaxons-Love FrequencyKlaxons have been making waves in the progressive and psychedelic music scene since 2005. Over the course of past nine years, the four piece band has released two albums, Myths of the Near Future (2007) and Surfing the Void (2010), prior to Love Frequency and has gotten plenty of positive feedback from critics in that time. In the UK, they have been consistent contenders for awards given out at the New Music Express (NME) Awards given out annually, winning “Best New Band” in 2007 while being nominated or take home awards for various singles as well over the course of their career. From having their debut album reach near the top of the UK charts to getting the opportunity to perform with Rihanna at the 2008 Brit Awards, the band has seen its star rise steadily and holds hope that the rise is only just beginning.

In terms of sound, progressive, psychedelic and fun are the best words that I can describe this album with. If you are looking for an album that will delve deep into the human condition, this album is not for you. However, if you are looking for the kind of album where no two songs sound remotely alike, where the music literally pushes your foot into tapping in rhythm if not your entire body into a full out dance, you’ve come to the right place. For any fans of The Black Keys, big in part because of the infectious energy that some of their tracks can carry; Klaxons closely rival that very same trait. In songs such as A New Reality, ones ears are filled first with the attention grabbing combination of psychedelic backdrop and catchy music before a blast of energy held within the chorus takes the listener to that next level. On the other hand, songs such as Show Me a Miracle and There is No Other Time almost remind one of Mirrors by Justin Timberlake, treading somewhere within psychedelic pop and alternative altogether. In all of this, you’ll find even more diversity within the music, with Atom to Atoms sounding very much like something that Flume would come up with these days.

As a whole, the album truly lacks any weak points or notables, simply being a piece of work consisting of eleven very good, diverse tracks that will undoubtedly spark interest for at least one song in any fan of progressive indie rock. A container of upbeat, youthful energy that pushes you out of your seat and into the dance floor, Love Frequency is definitely one that does not disappoint in delivering fun, exciting music that can get a crowd energized.