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Album Review: I Am The Avalanche – Wolverines

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You cannot deny the emotive vigour of Wolverines, the third album from New York’s I Am The Avalanche.  The album will knock you around and by the end of it, you will be craving for more.

IAmTheAvalanche-WolverinesI Am The Avalanche are a mature band; the musical heritage and familiarity are evident throughout Wolverines. Each track holds it’s own and lead vocalist Vinnie Caruana delivers his story with a lot of feel. They’re playing in an interesting space, likely to attract a new spate of fans and ignite those patiently in waiting.

Throughout this album no one element takes centre stage but you can hear the fantastically dominating drum beat almost leading the way. This is easily what makes this album so enjoyable, it just all seems to fall effortlessly into place.

Opener Two Runaways is a well positioned track with slick guitar riffs delivering in the first few seconds. You literally can’t sit still throughout the song.  This is one of the top numbers within the album but surprisingly it doesn’t dim the rest of the record.

Another stand out, Where Were You? is delivered with passion and conviction where Vinnie captivates with a very personal recount of Hurricane Sandy’s impact on his community.

The Shape I’m In has a thick bass and is an easy favourite on Wolverines if you want to scream-a-long while hammering down on the steering wheel. It is a tale of Vinnie’s perseverance and helplessness while Anna Lee will arrest you with its relatable chorus – a companion for self-reflection. It is tracks like these that make this album a great experience, a memorable tune for any listener.

It is the undeniable emotive origins of this album that you can sense throughout; the last song will feel like a wrench just as much as the first. It is a raucous compilation of tales brought together by thick rhythm. I Am The Avalanche’s third studio album is a well put together, complete album – a big shift from its predecessor.  Well worth the wait, Wolverines is a top album and proof of progress. Treat yourself and take a listen.