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Album Review: Holy Grail – Times Of Pride And Peril

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Times Of Pride And Peril is the latest offering from heavy metal rockers Holy Grail, and as the title suggests it’s going to take you on one epic journey. Showcasing the rise and fall of kingdom in a dire rule, it’s a musical battlefield full of drumbeat bombs that explode on each track and rioting riffs that demand your attention.

Holy Grail Times Of Pride And PerilOpening track Crystal King sets the atmosphere for Times Of Pride And Peril, and it’s riff shredding and heavy with vocalist James Paul Luna projecting his battle cry across the track. After a tirade of pounding beat and powerful refrains the war begins to waver, closing out with the question, “But if you always win the fight, do you know wrong from right?” as something to ponder before getting sucked back into the fight. With the battle raging on through intense thumps and guitar shrieks on Waste Them Away, Sudden Death and Those Who Will Remain.

As the war slows down, the lyrics get heavier, with Pro Patria Mori, the 6-minute epic, taking its inspiration from Horace’s Odes (III.2.13) [“to die for one’s Country]” as it spins a viscous tune with resounding effect. While Luna warbles the chilling lines, “Your family gone, your thought is lost – you served your country well” / “You’ve taken pride in saving lives but surely time will tell” over a penetrating arrangement. Which leads to the grand 9-minute finale for Times Of Pride And Peril, Black Lotus. Flirting with mysterious riffs and an enchanting beat to ponder the acquisition of true power – immortality. Stating, “We can live forever, if we can satisfy the Earth.”

Holy Grail have certainly created an incredibly articulate album with Times Of Pride And Peril. With each song taking on a tumultuous journey with it’s raucous vocal sneer and sinister sound. Track after track boasts a plethora of infectious riffs and astounding lyrics that’ll have you hooked from the pulsating energy of Crystal King. This is one that you’re going to want to play loud and on a loop forevermore.

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