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Album Review: Gold Class – It’s You

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Aussie alternative rock outfit Gold Class have been gearing up for the release of their debut collection It’s You. The entire album has a ‘live fast, die young’ kind of vibe with much of the writing and production happening in a short amount of time. Its clear to see the haste of creation in the tracks, although each of them invokes a sense of vigour and passion. It’s a bold move for such a fresh band, but it’s worked and the end result is a thought-provoking thrash of sound.

Gold Class - It's YouLyrically its full of protest against social issues, like in track “Perverts” which is inspired by the alienation and abuse of individuals in our vindictive society, particularly those in the LGBT community who are often portrayed as ‘perverts’. Gold Class uses this track as an eloquent way to stand up and own the label, to use the cruel taunt against those who perceive it. This is only highlighted by the use of subtle beats and the repetition of the lyrics “perverts up” in the track. Lead single Life As A Gun is an incredibly catchy; it’s full of jagged guitar riffs and throbbing drum bass while vocalist Adam Curley’s vocals frantically recite his lines to you with such urgency that draws you to listen. It builds and builds until it leaves you feeling lost with its abrupt end. Gold Class have an ability to create incredibly emotional tracks appealing, another example of this comes from the track Bite Down. It’s crafted with plenty of intense, rhythmic beats while Curley croons a personal tale detailing the struggle for control; it’s gritty, a bit dark but raw as hell.

The only downfall of this album is that while they’re readily spouting profound lyrics its often hard to catch more than a line at time, a lot of intense lines get lost in the wild nature in each track. While energy is certainly maintained throughout, it’s at a loss to the lyrics, which is unfortunate because once you zone into the lyrics they’re raw and full of truth. While Gold Class missed the mark a touch production wise it would be crude to deny them of the high points that It’s You does reach. You just need to sit back, enjoy the ride and appreciate the pure indie rock instrumentals and of course the passion behind it all.