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Album Review: Glen Hansard – Didn’t He Ramble

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Sometimes you get these ridiculously talented people who are not only happy at being great musicians, but also good actors or actresses. Glen Hasard is one of these people, managing to make normal people like me both sick and jealous at the same time. He has worked hard to get where he is, however, and new album Didn’t He Ramble, is a culmination of all his sweat and tears, showing off just why Glen is held in such high regard.

glen hansard didn't he rambleGrace Beneath the Pines is a beautiful lead into the album, with a vibrating backing track that resonates though your very soul. Glen’s heartfelt words speak to your very essence as he sings: ‘They’ll be no more running around… whatever lies in store for me I’ll get through’. Winning Streak is more melodic, with a gentle but piercing honesty made popular by artists like Ryan Adams. The chorus in particular shows off Glen’s skill in raising a track up and letting it stay just long enough to make the best impact.

Paying My Way harks back to country set against classic folk, and when this is laid down against a simple backing track, the song is beautifully released from its shell. McCormick’s Wall, on the other hand, is a piano led ballad that sits wonderfully against the singer’s truthful prose and generally warming demeanour.

Praise, however, has to be held in highest regard for Just to Be The One. Heartache and pain are described in hard-hitting lyrics, given even greater impact as Glen sings in a distant whisper, giving perfect simulation to the disdain he’s feeling: ‘I will serve you well, I’ll suffer when you need me’.

Didn’t He Ramble is a work that’s been cared for, nurtured, and truly shows off Hansard’s lifetime in the industry. He manages to create not just music, but an atmosphere that keeps the listener intrigued and emotionally charged throughout.