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Album Review: Fredrik Kinbom – Oil

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The beautiful sounds of the ever talented Fredrik Kinbom have graced our ears again with his most recent release Oil. It follows on from EP Quit My Job and his first ever full-length lap sliding album Hedgehogs & Elephants back in 2009. The 37-minute record by the Swedish artist was recorded using only analogue equipment giving it a very earthy, natural tone. This record washes over you; Kinbom who mainly plays the lap steel slide guitar has really established his own sound on Oil.

FredrikKinbom-OilThe album kicks off with title track Oil, a distant drumming before the slow guitar strum breaks in; Kinbom is nowhere to be heard until just before the close of the first minute. This is pertinent in setting the tone and stage for the sombre mood of Oil the record. The most transcending song on the album Ought To just captivates you, Kinbom’s melodic voice echoes to the flow of his musical twang. Without realising this song actually draws you in and takes you to another place. A fantastic track, beautiful in every way. Oil just carries this kind of elusive feel, it isn’t jazz but it has that same penetrating effect. Listening to this record you get an overwhelming emotional sense – now that sounds soppy but unless you take 30 minutes from your day and take a listen you just can’t imagine it.

With a voice like his it’s even more surprising to hear instrumental numbers like Siena and Cotton Curve. Not unlike the previous tracks it plays almost as an interlude, it feels as though Kinbom is giving you a chance to gather your thoughts. Then as you drift towards the end Roots and Rubble provides an eerie, smoky conclusion. From what could be assumed as Sarah Blasko given their recent collaborations, it is a tantalising harmony that wraps you up and leaves you craving more.

Never have you seen a review with so many adjectives! Oil is amazing and Kinbom’s talent is extraordinary. He’s so very unique and pleasant I find it hard to fault this record. Please take the time to have a listen, let it take you away for 30-odd minutes and you’ll come back a lighter self.