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Album Review: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Blossom

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Frank Carter is back, and with him he’s brought some Rattlesnakes. The singer of Gallows/Pure Love fame has found his inspiration in the past by using emotions to the extreme, and new album Blossom is no different. Frank screams and sweats his way through the tracks, but also makes you think about what he’s saying; this is the sign of a true artist, as well as not shying away from controversy, which also plays a part on the new record.

Frank carter blossomJuggernaut kicks things off and really throws you in at the deep end, as it pushes through doors, pulverises barriers and screams its way into oblivion. Frank is in detrimental mood as he hollers with the best of them, taking a break half way through to build up the track in a clever little interlude, making the listener stand to attention. Fangs on the other hand is a real track for the head bangers; the vocals here are a flashback to Frank’s 2005 Gallows days, and remind you of his talent in finding melodies with an edge.

Primary Explosive is a great example of the Frank’s song writing talent, as he creates intrusive imagery of wonderful words, and the singer fuelled by emotion as he sings: ‘Do you feel like a deathstar about to explode…a silver dagger in the eye of the gods’. Paradise, however, uses the lyrics to release political points of view, as the singer belts out words of rage against suicide bombers with a real venom and passion: ‘Your paradise does not exist, it’s a tomb full of emptiness’. In some respects controversial, but his fury pushes the song and creates a tantalizing wall of sound.

Beautiful Death must also be mentioned, as it’s a real album highlight. The intro takes a more sombre tone with lyrics laden in love and heartbreak, before it hits you hard with an explosion of instruments and intensity. It’s a love song for people in pain, people angry about love, and people to join Frank in celebration of how love hurts.

Blossom is a real return to form, with the lyrics genuine, music tight and angled, and emotion flying off the handle. Frank has thrown everything into this record, and it really shows. If you want something that will leave you breathless by the end, then invest in this record and turn it up loud and proud.