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Album Review: Foster The People – III

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Photo: Sony Music Australia

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks haven’t grown up to be quite as edgy as Foster The People are on III, an entree for the group’s upcoming third record. Three years since we saw them last, Foster The People have grown into quite the cutting edge quartet.

Opener Pay The Man owes a lot to the recent work of Glass Animals, who are paving the way for left of centre weird-pop. It’s definitely a groovier direction from the boys, but one that eventually forgets where it’s going to land. Doing It For The Money begins in a similarly bombastic fashion, sleekly veering toward a hip-hop heart. This new side to Foster The People has III coming across like more of an Imagine Dragons release than expected. For those who may be put off by such a comparison, it works.

Thus far, III is cleaning right up. Each new intro brings something glittery and gorgeous to get stuck into. Enter S.H.C; the #indieamnesty banger you might not have thought you needed. It harks back to the golden age of men in tiny white skinny jeans and MGMT leaving their house. All this is served up in a sparkly package that beckons you forth into the world of Foster and all of the people.

If III is just the taster of what’s to come, prepare to leave the Foster The People buffet suitably satisfied. By moving forward towards the disco ball, the band are really finding their true potential. III will get even the most stoic bystander grooving, and is sure to win over many who were sceptical in the past