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Album Review: Dylan LeBlanc – Cautionary Tale

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What does a singer/songwriter from Alabama have to go through to release a decent record? You could ask Dylan LeBlanc who faced self-doubt over the last three years; a challenge that can break the spirit of any good artist. Prior to that, LeBlanc’s 2010 album Paupers Field and 2012 album Cast The Same Old Shadow enabled the musician to make quite a name for himself. The musician can also call the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Lucinda Williams among his fans. LeBlanc has now returned with his third release, Cautionary Tale; a more mature and edgier effort than previous records.

Dylan LeBlanc - Cautionary TaleWarm, smooth, luscious; you could go on about how gripping Cautionary Tale is from beginning to end. The title track is possibly the most captivating with its close-to-home lyrics. Easy Way Out is four and a half minutes of bliss; the verses like a calm ocean until the tide changes and the chorus comes pouring in; the strings toward the end add to the climactic tendencies within the number.

Dylan seemingly channels folk of old in I’m Moving On with its matured vocal harmonies; its subtle yet effective delivery and the incredible string arrangement while Man Like Me and closing track Paradise are moving and memorable additions within the collection; the former containing a swaying melody and echoed vocals that add to the laid back landscape of Cautionary Tale. Look How Far We’ve Come, with its snappy guitar line and eerie vocals, offers the record one of its most distinguished inclusions; a piano’s emotive keys adding to the tracks beautifully busy structure.

If you’re looking for an album that is an easy listen as well as a journey, you need to give Dylan LeBlanc’s Cautionary Tale a spin. LeBlanc’s music is maturing as his career progresses; this is evident with this new collection.