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Album Review: Danny Wood – Look At Me

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Danny Wood has had quite a life. Aside from being one-fifth of one of music’s most successful and iconic boy bands (New Kids on the Block), he is a single father of three, his mother passed away after her battle with breast cancer, leading to Wood starting his own breast cancer foundation called Remember Betty, in honour of his mother. Wood’s seventh and latest solo studio album Look At Me has been said by the singer himself to be inspired by the last ten years of his life; with a portion of the proceeds to be donated to Remember Betty.

Danny Wood - Look At MeThe soul searching title track opens up the emotional release with a soothing piano, subtle guitar line and a gentle drumbeat; the perfect formula to tug at your heartstrings; likely Wood’s intention. Danny wins you over with his emotive vocals and touching lyrics on the ballad Endlessly (Betty’s Wish); the same can be said about the soothing If Only with its deep lyrics; lyrics that perhaps read as a little cliché.

Current single Hold On is a subtle soft rock number where the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the beat of the track work harmoniously; a quality that carries through much of the album. For those looking for something edgier and more upbeat that the many down-tempo numbers featured on this new release, you can count on The Silence, while those looking for songs reminiscent of his time in his famous boyband, inclusions like I Need You and Waiting On I Love You will probably tick all the right the boxes in that category.

Look At Me is a truly intimate album and while the record hones in on balladry for the most part, Wood can turn it up a notch when he needs to to keep the listener engaged and one that almost every listener will be able to relate to on some level.