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Album Review: Dolly Parton – I Believe In You

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photo: Sony Music Australia/Dolly Parton Entertainment

Nothing embodies the free spirit, heart and history of pure Country music than the life, times and body of work by no other person in the world (bar a very select few) than Dolly Parton. With a career spanning several decades, she remains to this very day, the one artist that music fans the world over, have and will continue to list as one of the most iconic voices and lyricists that tells the story of wholesome American life. More recently appearing in the Sunday Legends slot at Glastonbury festival a few years back, she is held in the hearts of young and old music fans, and her newest release I Believe In You, is set to be a sing along favourite along with the best of them.

Whilst you could probably argue that her best hits will be behind her now, with early tracks on this record such as Coat of Many Colours, and Together Forever, there is a real nostalgia in this record that I think Dolly would have to agree with. The sounds of brass, string and piano that we know and love her for, is present for large parts of this album, along with lyrics which you can’t help but join in with. Responsibility is another track that one listen in, you will catch yourself humming to for days!

All things considered, there comes a point in most great artists career, where they have found what makes their music great and progression into new sound is not you would come to expect from a legend like Dolly Parton. What fans want are new songs as likeable as the classics that are consistent in their high standard of delivery. Whilst perhaps not the first of Parton’s discography you would go to necessarily, I do think I Believe In You manages to serve fans up with another hearty helping of all-American country songs that the whole family will love.