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Album Review: Darius Rucker – When Was The Last Time

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photo: Chugg Entertainment

Once part of the Grammy Award winning Hootie and the Blowfish, Darius Rucker has rose to further stardom in his own right. Now he’s released his fifth studio album, after a long wait for fans with the first single having been released over a year ago. When Was The Last Time is now available everywhere, and a contender for the top spot on the Billboard Country 100.

For the First Time great opener, true country throughout and it’s easy to see as to why his tracks do so well commercially. There are two collaborations in the album, that are actually the same song twice, one slightly longer than the other. It’s a bit of a confusing decision and seems like an easy way to pad it out into a 13 track album rather than 12. Whilst I’m Going to Straight to Hell is a fun track lyrically and in it’s instruments, the collaboration with Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Charles Kelly feels like it could go further than it does.

Lead single If I Told You has been massively popular, understandably, it’s a bit of a crossover hit with the typical country sound toned down and exchanged for simple piano backing. If I Told You is still a massively country track, and a fantastic one, but it’s an easy way in for anybody new to Darius Rucker.

Whilst When Was The Last Time won’t be convincing any new fans, lovers of country will be head over heels for it. This is a country album until the end,and whilst that means it can feel a little bit ‘samey’ at times, it does not mean it’s a bad album in the slightest. If I Told You is the standout, and the biggest crossover, if you’re not a fan of country, this song might be enough for you.