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Album Review: Danny And The Champions of the World – What Kind Of Love

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Danny And The Champions of the World have been a compelling act since their formation in London back in 2007, both on the stage and in recording. Conceived by lead singer/guitarist Danny Wilson after the deformation of his group Grand Drive, with the band he has been able to delve deep into the world of alternative rock, soul and a dab of alternative country to create an intriguing sound. With four previous studio albums and a live album under their belt, Danny and his Champions have just unleashed their fifth album, What Kind Of Love, which, as described by Wilson, is a collection of songs that reflects on all forms of love (including relationships, friends, etc). Let’s see if the album earns our kind of love.

Danny and the Champions of the World March 2015   not worked onIn the first few seconds it does: the exciting Clear Water is an amazing track to open What Kind Of Love, it’s catchy and the horn section sounds great. We can’t forget the vocals, which drive the track so well. However, the vocal work in Precious Cargo easily hits you in the feels as Danny’s emotive trills hit home, the overall vibe and arrangement of this track initiates a connection between it and the listener. This Is Not A Love Song gives off a slight country twinge, its verse giving off Bob Dylan vibes and the lyrics making it clear that its not a song about love but rather a good thing coming to an end. This is truly shaping up to be a heartfelt record. The fun and soulful Can I Change My Mind brings back to boppy sound we were introduced to, and it’s a delight for the ears: the backing vocals are just as mesmerising as the lead and it won’t be long before you’re singing along too.

Title track What Kind Of Love swings a similar way, but it’s more like a ballad. ‘What kind of love is the right kind of love for you?’ is one of the most touching lines on the record in terms of the way it’s delivered vocally. It’s back to the energetic ‘oomph’ with Words On The Wind: it’s awesome to hear the organ blaring occasionally in the background and the guitar/sax solo is perfect. Just Be Yourself is an explosive and soulful number, Danny captures you with his voice once again as he belts out the chorus. It’ll Be Alright In The End was more than alright from start to finish: yet another addictive ditty for the record. There are all kinds of niceties within Just Thinking About My Friend, with the sweetly written lyrics, the emotively sung melody and the overall friendly atmosphere the song created. Last, but not least, The Sound Of A Train has a comforting and warm aura to see you out of this stunning album.

Danny And The Champions of the World have struck gold with What Kind Of Love, it was fantastic how they took one concept and turned it into many, creating a universally relatable collection of smooth and satisfying tracks. Wilson’s earthy yet soulful voice had its chance to shine brighter than it ever has before, and the instrumentation on the album was glistening too; if this isn’t love then what is? A great album if you’re looking for something that is both easy and a journey for your listening pleasure, don’t overlook What Kind Of Love without giving it a fair go. Danny And The Champions of the World are a delight.