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Album Review: Crushed Stars – Farewell Young Lovers

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Crushed Stars new album, Farewell Young Lovers, takes a very smooth and relaxed approach when it comes to indie music. To listen to a band like Crushed Stars, a listener has to be in some sort of relaxation mode and it’s safe to say that this album is bound to intrigue and keep listeners hooked by the smooth vocals and chilled out music used by this band. Formed in Dallas, Crushed Stars aren’t a big indie rock band but they really do have a strong and grounding sound that listeners will love. This is because the album uses a variety of catchy occasional indie riffs as well as songs that sound like something people would listen to on a night drive to a suburban country or town.

Crushed Stars Farewell Young LoversThe opening tracks, Flowerbomb and Fantastic Birds make a fantastic entrance to Farewell Young Lovers. It sends off an almost captivating and trance-like musical vibe towards listeners, making this indie music unique as well as somewhat hypnotic. The vocals are so gentle, calming and soothing that listeners can find that they will have a clear space of mind and have the opportune moment to unwind somewhere so that they can relax and enjoy the time they have to themselves.

The album is a continuum of this trend of captivity with the slow, chilled-out indie rock music and it can be pretty much stated that Crushed Stars have solidified and have grounded experience with their passion for music. Our Interest in Claire clearly takes the winning bait for being the most relaxing and invigorating track. It’s very unique and different as the simplicity of the lyrics go hand in hand with the music accompanied to the track also.

Supernova and Crocodiles are the last two tracks off the album and they definitely carry over the slow-paced indie rock music Crushed Stars have offered to the music world. What stands out most about their music is that are they classified as an indie rock band but they also have used post-rock elements like bands such as Explosions In The Sky. People that appreciate post-rock music would thoroughly enjoy this record because the vocals are not too overpowering and most of the time the tracks are mainly instrumental.

Farewell Young Lovers caters to the tastes of people that love their indie rock music as well as their post-rock. It’s definitely an album where listeners can unwind to in their spare time, having music that is both interesting and captivating.