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Album Review: Chris Young – I’m Comin’ Over

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Accomplished Country Crooner Chris Young has just released his fifth studio album; entitled I’m Comin’ Over it’s a personal one with plenty of ballads. Opening track Heartbeat certainly sets the tone for the album. With a steady mid-tempo beat it suits this record so well, but thematically it’s more of an outlier, rather than heartbreak we hear a tale of excitement in lust. As a tune it starts off slower and builds up towards the chorus with Young’s seductive vocals dominating the track, crooning these tender lines, “I love the way you make my heart beat” / “There’s no mistaking right now it’s racing”.

Chris Young I'm Comin' OverOn the deeper, heartbreak side of the record is I Know A Guy, a touching ballad that suits Young’s raw vocals so well while he croons about a lost love. As well as the heavy Sober Saturday Night, with a feature from Vince Gill that harnesses a forceful broken energy to really play on your emotions. But, bringing together the two foremost themes of I’m Comin’ Over, heartbreak and love is tune Think Of You. The duet featuring Cassadee Pope showcases some intensely beautiful vocal chemistry between the pair, with their voices melding together in such a way that draws out the emotion within the track. With the evocative lines,  “maybe they’re like me and they want us back” / “those memories that nobody can erase” / “when they think of me they think of you,” it really tells the tale of an ended love.

As a whole I’m Comin’ Over gets very one note, the signature mid tempo ballad get’s tiresome as it’s reproduced so many times in the one setting. With tracks You Do The Talkin’, Alone Tonight and Sunshine Overtime sounding more like fillers than key album tracks. While there’s no denying that Chris Young has an exceptionally beautiful tone that does give I’m Comin’ Over a voice, it just isn’t as strong as you’d hope.