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Album Review: Carly Simon – Songs From The Trees (A Musical Memoir Collection)

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There’s nothing vain about the career of singer/songwriter Carly Simon. The inspirational singer is gearing up to release her highly awaited memoir Boys In The Trees. As a musical companion Rhino records is issuing a 31 track collection; Songs From The Trees (A Musical Memoir Collection). The release features an array of Simon’s pinnacle moments primarily between 1971-83.

Carly Simon - Songs From The TreesWhat better way to take in Carly’s sophisticated lyrics and wondrous melodies than to sit back and relax? Her catalogue is still impressive today to say the least and she still is truly influential (Taylor Swift and Tori Amos cite Simon as a songwriting influence). The tracks have all been remastered for the release so they sound fresh; songs like Boys In The Trees and Orpheus are as wonderful as ever. Others like Anticipation and From The Heart reflect on Simon’s honesty and openness.

It wouldn’t be a Carly Simon collection without the Grammy-nominated and Grammy Hall of Fame inducted You’re So Vain, after all it is her signature song and was her most successful hit. Previously unreleased track Showdown consists of the typical Carly charm and it captivates you from the first lyric; I Can’t Thank You Enough was written new for the release and is an emotional collaboration between Carly and her son Ben Taylor.

Carly Simon enjoyed a fulfilling and successful career in her heyday. Diehard fans will have a whale of a time reading Boys From The Trees whilst giving this compilation a spin. The 70’s and 80’s were truly the best years for Simon’s music so these featured tracks were chosen with care; the remasters have made this collection more timeless than before. A must have for music enthusiasts and fans of Carly Simon who had a career truly worth celebrating.