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Album Review: Camila Cabello – C,XOXO

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"C,XOXO is a brave and eclectic mix that showcases Camila Cabello’s willingness to experiment with new sounds and collaborations" - our full review of the new album by @Camila_Cabello

Camila Cabello’s latest album, C,XOXO marks a bold shift towards hyperpop, featuring a diverse array of collaborators that inject fresh energy into her sound. The album is an adventurous mix, blending genres and influences with varying degrees of success.

The opening track, I LUV IT sets the tone with a frenetic hyperpop vibe. Cabello and Playboi Carti dive into a whirlwind of glitchy beats and rapid-fire lyrics. The track attempts to capture the chaotic, high-energy essence of hyperpop but falls short of the refined execution seen in artists like Charli XCX.

Chanel No.5 leans heavily on brand name allure, weaving playful lyrics around a catchy hook. The track’s vaguely orientalist rhyme schemes and declarations like “cute girl with a sick mind” provide moments of fun but lack originality. pink xoxo is a standout with its infectious beat and catchy chorus. Cabello’s playful vocal delivery shines, making it one of the more memorable tracks. The song strikes the right balance between new hyperpop elements and the artist’s pop sensibilities.

In HE KNOWS Cabello teams up with Lil Nas X to deliver a confident, swaggering anthem. The chemistry between the two artists is palpable, and the track’s production is top-notch. It’s a fun and engaging listen, though it doesn’t stray far from well worn themes of fame and attraction.

Twentysomethings offers a refreshing break from the hyperpop onslaught. Stripped-back and introspective, this track allows Cabello’s vocal prowess and songwriting skills to shine. The line “Twentysomethings… don’t know what the fuck I’m doing” stands out as one of the album’s most honest and relatable moments. Dade County Dreaming feels out of place following the introspective Twentysomethings. Featuring JT and Yung Miami, the track seems more like their song than Cabello’s.

HOT UPTOWN has all the makings of a summer banger. The chemistry between Cabello and Drake is evident, and the track’s infectious energy makes it a highlight. However, it’s another instance where Cabello’s presence feels diminished next to a bigger artist. Drake’s solo track Uuugly further contributes to the album’s slightly disjointed feel. It’s an interesting song in its own right, but feels somewhat misplaced. DREAM-GIRLS brings back some of the album’s confidence and catchiness. The empowering girl-boss themes are strong, though they sometimes feel overshadowed by the production.

Closing the album, June Gloom is an enjoyable track where Cabello’s vocal talent really shines. It leaves one wishing the album featured more of the same.

C,XOXO is a brave and eclectic mix that showcases Camila Cabello’s willingness to experiment with new sounds and collaborations. While not every track hits the mark, the album’s high points demonstrate her evolving artistry and potential for growth.

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