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Album Review: Blossoms – Blossoms

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Blossoms is the sound of a band debuting quietly, rather than with a bang. Having released EPs since 2014 and appearing on the BBC’s Sound Of music list this year, they’re not exactly a new or unheard of group, but the album they’ve been building to is one that lacks bombastic moments, opting instead for an understated sound. It’s a route that works well for them, but ultimately leaves the album lacking the solid impression that a debut should have.

Blossoms BlossomsStylistically, Blossoms’ self-titled album teeters between indie rock and pop, depending on the track in question. It opens in full blown pop mode with Charlemagne, with its sparkling synths and simple yet infectious melodies introducing the album perfectly, though quickly dips into simpler rock and pop tracks, each with a slight throwback feel to it that intensifies as the album reaches its end, though most notably appearing in the smooth, catchy groove of Blown Rose.

There are a few moments on Blossoms that break the trend and attempt to shake up the style of the album, and they’re consistently effective. Onto Her Bed foregoes percussion entirely, placing the focus on piano and vocals as they’re accompanied by an arrangement of eerie, atmospheric synths that give the song a mood that falls somewhere between sexual and foreboding, a statement intensified by the early fade out that the song experiences. Blown Rose falls into this category as well, though it bears a much closer resemblance to the rest of the album, merely embracing its classic roots more so than the other songs do. These tracks do well to anchor the rest of the album, giving it stronger moments to revolve around that helps it leave a better impression.

The exciting moments of Blossoms are ultimately drowned out by the more predictable ones, though. The standout tracks lack the strength to carry the album, and while there are some extra catchy moments on the album—mostly surrounding Onto Her Bed and Blown Rose, as if feeding off of their energy—there ultimately isn’t a lot to get excited about. It’s a decent debut for Blossoms, but not one that shows off the true extent of their talents.