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Album Review: Blake Shelton – Texoma Shore

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photo: Warner Music Australia

Blake Shelton, a country artist with a huge history, known just to some as The Voice judge and Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend, is here with Texoma Shore, his 10th studio album. With over 10 million records sold worldwide, there’s immense pressure on Shelton with every release, does this one stack up?

Texoma Shore, recorded on the banks of Oklahoma’s Lake Texoma, is a special album for Shelton. He’s fond of this place – it’s full of great memories, and to him, this is a bit of a full circle homecoming.

Kicking off with the already released single, I’ll Name The Dogs, Shelton dives straight into the traditional country he’s so well known for. It’s a sweet love song about a home life, that’s country at it’s peak, and it’s brilliant. Shelton himself has said the record ‘will go from something traditional to something that will make your head spin back to something even more traditional’, after this track you can understand that.

At The House takes the turn into the different sounds Shelton wanted to try. It’s still very country, but it’s becoming a bit more of a crossover. Think of Lady Gaga’s Joanne during this one. Shelton could very easily make a transition into pop, definitely one that his career on The Voice could facilitate.

Beside You Babe isn’t anything special, it has to be completely unique to standout in such a large discography, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fantastic. Hangover Due is pretty fun, it’s a slow, traditional track but the lyrics paint that nontraditional hungover morning picture, it’s one of the best tracks.

It’s true Shelton from start to finish, but it is pushing the boundaries of country and his music a little bit. I suspect the next record will be the truly special one, but this more than enough to keep us occupied and wanting more until that day comes.