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Album Review: Beach Slang – Broken Thrills

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Beach Slang, a Philadelphian three-piece, haven’t been around for a long time, but they are stamping their feet with authority, and people are starting to listen. New album Broken Thrills is a melding together of their first two 7 inches, and highlights the punk-pop genre that Beach Slang have already mastered.

beach slang broken thirllsIt’s all about youth with this band; loving life, discovering new things, and playing it all out through the music. This is usually topped off with a distinct 90s indie feel, such as on opener Filthy Luck. Sounding like an early Foo Fighters track, it also borrows heavily from the new punk revival from the noughties, and with it creates a punk-laden piece of beauty. Add on top of this ironic lyrics of ‘put the amps up to 9, I don’t want it too loud’, then you’re on to a winner.

Kids carries on the 90s theme with a track more akin to Feeder (remember them?), being a big fast paced anthem of a track, whereas Punk or Lust’s sincere and raw vocals give off an honesty which would have been lost had it been over produced. This works for the song’s punk nature, and throws off its intensity and lust for life in equal measure.

For all its high energy, guitar riffs and noise, nothing speaks louder on Broken Thrills than the voice of youth; the record is literally crawling with messages of rebellion, partying hard and living for the moment. Dirty Cigarettes’ sound is one of teenage boredom and flippant arrogance, backed up perfectly with lyrics to boot: ‘I’ve fallen in love to pass the time’. We Are Nothing carries on the theme, as acoustic guitars are played brashly against raucous vocals about coming of age, and make you want to stay young forever: ‘I’m figuring out my life…the failures are worth the fight’.

Broken Thrills doesn’t feel like a combining of two works, but more like something that has always been whole. The record’s energy and guile push you along right until the end, and will leave you feeling exuberant with a smile on your face. Beach Slang have a bright future, and their youthful innocence is what makes them strong.