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Album Review: Bayside – Cult

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American punk rock band, Bayside are gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated sixth studio record, Cult. The new collection the band has offered us heightens their love for pure and truthful lyrical content as well as their passion for playing instruments that not only produce a sound that is uniquely defined by the band, but is a reflection of their successful musical journey for the past decade. They have been around for fourteen years and it’s amazing to think about their achievements within this timeframe. This all started when they were making their way from Queens, New York to Long Island to see New Found Glory in hopes of giving their demo CD to them. From there, passing a train station that was called “Bayside” lead to record deals, world tours and a lifetime of memories that they would cherish forever.

Bayside-CultBig Cheese is an impeccable opening track, introducing a rhythmic drum solo and a killer electric guitar riff which perfectly curves the first impressions of a golden quality album. It emphasises Bayside’s strengths within the punk rock genre as the band are known to make rebellious sounding music. The lyrics speak otherwise, conveying a hopeless romantic feel to the song. Time Has Come is a contrasting track, delivering an enthusiastic and melodic vibe. It’s a punk rock anthem that thrives on a joyous and thrilling chorus with music that carries on into a fast-paced melody.

With an apathetic tone, Hate Me brings a melancholic atmosphere to the record. The lyrics narrate a lost relationship showing Anthony Raneri’s flawless vocals with an endearing rock sound, presenting Bayside’s way of describing what real unhappiness feels like through their music.

Transitive Property is a track that proclaims both a sense of forgiveness and hope which illuminates the value of a relationship, narrating its ups and downs. With a beautifully produced highlight to seal the record, The Whitest Lie is an epic conclusion to Cult. The number slowly builds up towards the second half, exposing Raneri’s passion for his singing talent with the help of a roaring choir of voices, accompanied by the band’s captivating alternative music.

Underrated as a punk rock/alternative band, Bayside have made first-class impressions with their new album, Cult. Blood, sweat and tears have made this record possible and the band’s hard work has paid off with Cults providing the bands extensive catalogue with a powerful addition.