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Album Review: Barry Gibb – In The Now

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Having the desire and direction to cabinet a work ethic that befalls music and touches different generations of listeners is perhaps the greatest quality an experienced musician can holster. Legendary British singer, songwriter and producer Barry Gibb of The Bee Gee’s proves this and a whole lot more with his fantastic second solo record, comprised entirely of newly written material. In The Now is the next chapter in Gibbs’ enormous career – touching deeply and showcasing the true versatility that encapsulates the man’s melodic ethos.

Barry Gibb - In The NowThe record commences with the title track, In The Now – a venting electric piano tether, leading the way for one of the most identifiable and discerning voices in music history, as Gibb wanders through a sultry song experience both indulgent and gentle. Heightened signature vocal cries pepper over its strong dance focused duration. Unlike his earlier 1984 solo record Now Voyager, there’s a limited dance direction in mind, however, this not entirely exclusive. With tracks like Star Crossed Lovers proffering to the increasingly fragile moments explored on the record. Country music and classic rock tinged generosities dispel throughout slide guitar subtleties inside tunes like Home Truth Song or End of the Rainbow, whereas humble soft-rock religious visits take a kind appearance in Cross To Bear. The most impressive work comes, however, in the album’s second last track; Diamonds. It’s a result that could only be best illustrated if Steve Earle met Neil Young and somehow used Angus Stone for an intimate garage jam – proving without necessity the respective variety that environs Barry Gibb’s commendable musical elasticity.

In The Now is a deviation from the classic dance driven routine that has defined most of Gibb’s music lifetime. It’s a newer and increasingly exciting chapter in the life of an icon who still sings as though he’s starting out playing for the first time. An aural complement with refined clarity and commendable versatility even at this later time in his colossal career.