Featured Artist: Turin Brakes (Part 1)

Published On January 18, 2016 | By Brendon Veevers | Music, Music Features

With a weighty back catalogue to proudly call their successful and expanding legacy, Turin Brakes have, for the past 15 years, pushed the boundaries of songwriting and musicianship to new heights. Bursting onto the indie scene back in 2001 with their groundbreaking Optimist LP debut, Balham boys Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian set out to craft and inspire through intricate instrumentation and songwriting genius; displaying these and many other qualities within singles like Underdog (Save Me) and The Door and being honoured with a Mercury Music Prize nomination . The duos sophomore, Ether Song provided fans with a more electric-based collection and delivered the bands signature hit, Painkiller; a catchy, guitar-loving gold nugget that shaped the bands success at a very early time for the duo.

Further staple singles such as Fishing for a Dream and Dark on Fire were offered through studio albums Jack in the Box in 2005 and 2007’s Dark on Fire respectively, while unreleased album tracks like the somber Bye Pod allowed the bands more die-hard followers into moments of sheer songwriting genius on a level perhaps a little deeper than their single releases dared to venture.

2010 saw the release of one of the bands most captivating studio releases – Outbursts. With Sea Change providing the collection with its lead single, the tracklisting of the release provided a sense of nostalgia for those who had followed the bands career; delving back into the slow-paced acoustic territory once tread on the bands Optimist debut and easily one of the outfits more commercially focused records and their first under the Cooking Vinyl label.

While the twosome have never necessarily been able to fully solidify a position on the international stage when it comes to achieving the type of success that similar bands alongside them have, their songwriting craft and technical precision to recording their albums is a fairly rare thing in the music industry and something that has helped Turin Brakes gain a loyal and almost cult-like following of music aficionados from all around the world.

Two years after the bands last studio release, We Were Here, which saw the one-time duo invite Rob Allum and Eddie Myer into the Turin Brakes fold as full time members, the influential and distinguished outfit are back with album number 7 this month in the brilliantly sharp and inspiring shape of Lost Property; fronted by the infectious lead single, ’96; marking a brand new chapter in the career of one of the finest folk-rock collectives of the past 20 years.

Check back with us soon for the 2nd part of our Featured Artist spotlight on Turin Brakes and our review of Lost Property.

Turin Brakes Lost Property

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