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TV Review – Glue: Season One

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In the picturesque town of Overton – a tiny rural village in the English countryside – there is a group of friends, all young, wild, adventurous and in love. But when one member of the gang, 14-year-old Cal Bray (Tommy Knight), is suddenly and mysteriously murdered, the lives of these young adults are thrown into chaos. As suspicions arise, alliances form and friendships disintegrate, we slowly come to learn that the rolling green hills and beautiful farmlands of Overton hold many deep, dark secrets.

Glue2Sitting somewhere on the spectrum between Broadchurch and SkinsGlue is a whodunit with a difference. Mysterious, intriguing, youthful and a little bit sexy, this crime drama will keep you coming back as you become more and more invested in the lives of these clearly mixed up teens. There’s aspiring jockey Tina (Charlotte Spencer) and her larrikin  boyfriend, Rob (Jordan Stephens), who unbeknownst to Tina has had a one-night-stand with friend Janine (Faye Marsay). There’s shy and quiet James (Billy Howle), whose kept more secrets hidden from his friends then any of them could know. There’s the bubbly and eccentric Annie (Jessie Cave), who is just trying to keep the old gang together, and there’s Cal’s brother Eli (Callum Turner), who in himself is a mystery. 

All the while, policewoman Ruth (Yasmin Paige) is on their case in a fury of blind determination that sees every group member under scrutiny. It’s amazing watching all of these characters interact as their worlds gradually fall apart, which is mostly a credit to the incredible young actors who play them. Glue features strong and emotive performances across the board, the kind that will have you binge-watching the series in a day or two. Add to this some breathtaking locations and a twisting plot to boot, and we’re on to a winner.

My only criticism of the show is that it can sometimes get a little self-indulgently dramatic, and you wonder if one town could really have that much drama and secrecy (the same way you feel when you watch shows like Neighbours and Desperate Housewives). But apart from that, Glue is hugely original and hugely successful. It’ll keep you on your toes and guessing all the time, until that very final episode when the shock twist is revealed. But no spoilers!