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TV Recap – American Horror Story: Freakshow ‘Bullseye’

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Another week, another AHS episode to brighten up our screens. But at this stage in the season are we impressed? Read on to find out.

Stanley sets his sights on a pair of lobster hands for the museum in this episode, but Maggie’s feelings for Jimmy get in the way. Instead she suggests another victim: The sweet and super cute Ma Petite. Maggie almost goes through with the kill, but backs out at the last minute; old mate Stanley is super angry and demands Jimmy’s hands as payment for this mistake.

Elsa’s reign of terror on the freaks reaches an all time high this week. We find out that Elsa and Paul are lovers, but Paul is actually in love with the candy stripper girl from episode one…. Awkward. Despite it being Elsa’s birthday week, no one feels like celebrating her much as rumours circulate that she had something to do with the twins disappearance. When Elsa is accused of this (and finds out about Paul’s other woman), she straps him to her wheel of doom and throws knives at him, seemingly shocked when the final one hits Paul in the stomach (I’m SURE that one was a mistake). She assures the freaks she’s ‘called for a doctor’ – it’s not a surprise one never turned up. This turn of events sees the freaks distrust of Elsa begin to bury deep – even loyal assistant Ethel has her doubts.

American Horror Story Freakshow Elsa

Bette and Dot have been kept hidden away in Dandy’s mansion but as Dot notes they have not been beaten, raped or violated in any way. Dandy has genuine feelings for Bette and Dot, proclaiming his love and intention to marry them to his mother. Whilst Bette returns these feelings Dot refuses to play along with the game, only remaining docile in an attempt to save enough money for a separation surgery. Yet when Dandy takes it upon himself to read Dot’s journal and discovers her hatred for him, he launches into a rage. The ‘hole in his heart’ that the twins love was starting to heal quickly reopens and he boldly claims that he was put on earth to ‘bring death’. Just after this declaration, Jimmy shows up at Dandy’s house looking for Bette and Dot…. Yeah, this is going to end really well.

Whilst this episode seemed to be lacking as much substance as previous episodes, it gets to the heart of some of the issues raised at the very start of this season. However, I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping for more of AHS’ signature blood and sex in the coming episodes.


  • Will Dandy end up owning his own pair of lobster hands?
  • Jimmy told Maggie he had something to do before leaving town – could this have something to do with the police officers and Meep?
  • Dot has been dreaming of being separated from Bette since episode 1 – will this dream become a reality by the end of the season?
  • Will Elsa continue her reign of terror or will one of the freaks take her down first?

Let us know what you think about these ideas and your predictions for the rest of the Freakshow season in the comments!