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Album Review: The Ting Tings – Sounds From Nowheresville

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It’s been a while since we heard from The Ting Tings. Back in 2008 the two piece electro-punk outit unleashed some pretty impressive singles right out of nowhere and an album that shot straight to the top of the charts.

TingTingsSoundsFromNowheresvilleCombining the musicality of Jules de Martino with the distinctive and internationally recognized vocal exuberance of bolshy front woman Katie White, The Ting Tings stole the show from peers with singles like That’s Not My Name, Great DJ and the amazing, Shut Up And Let Me Go. The engine seems to run out of power soon after that however and its been rather quiet on the Ting Ting’s front for a good 2 years now. The 2008 debut album Something We Started went on to sell an impressive 2 million copies worldwide.

Fear not however as The Ting Tings return with effervescent gusto this week with the highly anticipated new record, Sounds From Nowheresville and the music world couldn’t be more excited. Though the cover of the record leaves a lot to be desired and the total 33 minute duration makes us feel slightly shortchanged, what is contained within the record is pretty impressive indeed.

Tracks like the opening Silence and One By One find the band delving deep into the electronic movement that has become increasingly popular in bands absence from the spotlight. Both tracks contain a melodic beat that suits White’s vocals to a tee.

Soul Killing enlists a reggae flavored musical structure with a hint of Hollywood charm while Hang It Up takes us back to the sound of the bands debut as it sits in appropriately within the twosomes chart topping singles with ease and sounds like a perfect contender for a future single release for the band and comes complete with a sturdy guitar solo and some slick rap lickings as the track draws to a close.

Help sees the band swapping their rough-around-the-edges electo-punk signature sound for a beautifully composed, semi acoustic number that sways perfectly around White’s chav-tastic vocals. The singer is given a track here that allows her to show off her vocal abilities with a slightly more grandeur touch and gives the new record a sweet, soft excursion before the Americana coated and string complimented In Your Life guides us to the end of Sounds From Nowheresville showing that The Tings Tings still know exactly how to make a record go bang!

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