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Album Review: The Ghost – War Kids

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Hailing from the Faroe Islands, electronic/indie newbies The Ghost, made up of Filip Mortensen (vocals) and Urbanus Olsen (electronics), are set to explode onto the UK music scene with the release of their debut album War Kids this week following the successful introduction of the albums first single City Lights.

GHOST ALBUM HI RESThe band were acknowledged by British DJ Rob da Bank after they stole his attention at the Iceland Airwaves Festival with their energetic stage presence and impressive live performance. They have also been hailed as the Ones To Watch by NME.

The duo took on producing mastermind Oli Poulsen to work his magic on War Kids. Poulsen has previously produced records for Grace Jones, Massive Attack and Prince.

War Kids is an energetic and poppy record for the duo who unleash 10 fresh tracks fusing pop and indie with gritty confidence and eclectic precision.

Fools Crown is, straight from the beginning, the best track on the record. A catchy and almost folk, acoustic pop number giving the album a nice calm to its centre.

Love Is Nothing is synth heavy delight with an accompanying flute making for another standout on the record before the following, almost The Feeling reminiscent, Superhero steps in to give the record a mainstream boost.

Lead single, City Lights, is the heavier of the tracks on War Kids with a rough, rockier edge than the rest of the album. Its chanting and mosh pit anthem chorus is enough to rival the likes of any crowd pumping Kaiser Chief hit.

The albums closing number, Bad Things, proves to be the perfect track to make this record stick in the mind of its listener with its atmopsheric string arrangements and radio friendly vibe.

Though the band aren’t exactly the talk of the town at the moment there is no doubt that the name will be seen on venue and festival listings before long as well as a well deserved place in the British charts.