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Album Review: Status Quo – Quid Pro Quo

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It’s full steam ahead for UK supergroup Status Quo with the never-ending flow of creative juices showing no signs of running dry as the band are gearing up for yet another mammoth tour to coincide with the release of their latest record, Quid Pro Quo, which is due for release on 30th May.

With over 60 chart hits under their belt, 22 having reached the Top 10, as well as a catalogue consisting of almost 30 studio albums it’s almost hard to keep up with the daddies of boogie rock. Beginning their musical lives as The Spectres and having experienced a life of excess and worldwide adoration for over five decades now Status Quo are a machine of musical artistry and new record Quid Pro Quo pushes the band further into legendary status.

StatusQuoQuidProQuoWith the new album comes a new batch on tracks to add to the expansive Quo catalogue. Whether it be the rebellious Two Way Traffic with its quick delivered, monotone chorus or the riff laden, trumpet filled structure of Let’s Rock that envelopes the bands signature Rock’n’Roll sound and front man Francis Rossi’s belting ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’s’ sitting opposite guitar hero Rick Partiff’s iconic rhythm guitar workings, the collection that we are offered here is Status Quo at its finest. The band may have gotten older but they prove on the record that they can still do it just as well as some of their younger counterparts of today’s video age.

It’s All About You is a highlight in the closing section of the record. The song is a more raw addition to the track-listing compared to the rest of the records contents but still carries the bands momentous approach to a genre they have owned for the best part of half a century.

Frozen Hero, the grinding piano driven Leave A Little Light On and the fellow riff heavy Movin’ On provide a sturdy filling to the centre of the album and are another couple of stand outs on Quid Pro Quo that showcase just what this band still has to offer. Both numbers carry the feel of a band that loves what they do and are not weighed down by pressure to create number ones or beat any records. They are here because they love to create and offer the world their music.

As well as a collection of new numbers the band have also thrown into the mix a new 2010 version of their classic and signature 1986, Number 2 hit, In The Army Now. The track has been reworked and sounds fresh with a wailing guitar solo and anthemic chorus that fits in well with the new material on Quid Pro Quo despite being close to 30 years their senior.

Showing no signs of hanging up their instruments anytime soon, Status Quo continue to raise the bar for the legions of bands that the industry churns out with a fantastic addition to a catalogue of timeless hits.

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