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Single Review: We Were Evergreen – ‘Daughters’

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From the impending debut full-length album from We Were Evergreen comes their new single Daughters.

The group have said of their forthcoming album, which is called Towards: ‘It is about going somewhere, anywhere, even if the direction doesn’t make sense. It is about movement versus stillness, body verses mind, personal mythology verses collective memory.’ And that is, to an extent, what Daughters feels like.

We Were Evergreen DaughtersIt’s movement between highly danceable electro-pop and serene musical ethereality that leads me to this statement. The verses are the strongest part of the track melodically – their tune jibes well with the track’s rhythmic playfulness, a groove feeling even more spirited when coming off the back of one of the song’s elegant breakdowns.

Whilst the track feels rooted in the contemporary, it also has a bit of a disco thing going on. And comparisons can also be drawn between some of the tune’s melodies and some of the modern folk music that’s going around at the moment. That said, Daughters fails to provide a strong hook, and whilst that was perhaps not the track’s intention I often find that with this kind of music the absence of something in that vein often leaves the track feeling a bit tired by the end.

Listening to the tune, though, as I have suggested, engages both the body and the mind, as was We Were Evergreen’s intention. ‘We’re not going to make it’, the words repeat in one of the more delicate parts, but Daughters shows promise, and hopefully We Were Evergreen’s new album will render that lyric erroneous.