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Single Review: Tonight Alive – ‘Drive’

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Tonight Alive have always veered towards the edgier side of pop punk: front woman Jenna McDougall has previously collaborated with such artists as Good Charlotte and Simple Plan, and the band’s melodic, choppy guitar riffs have seen them compared to others like Parkway Drive and Paramore. On their latest single Drive, the band have swapped the heavy guitar distortion for a tinny beat and shimmering synths, delivering a fiendishly catchy, uplifting party anthem.

tonight.alive.limitlessFull of cavernous electronic beats and reverb, the song is an energetic slice of alt-rock which still remembers the skilful melodies of the band’s earlier releases. The lyrics are easy enough to sing along to, if totally unmemorable (“We’re begging for someone to break the mold/Cause everybody else has forgot we ever had the choice”), and the beat practically demands dancing from the audience. The noticeable lack of frenetic drumming or distortion also allows McDougall’s voice to truly shine through the mix, proving her once again as a total vocal powerhouse.

Drive comes as the lead single off the upcoming album Limitless, expected sometime in early 2016, and judging by other teaser tracks Human Interaction and To Be Free, it’s going to be an shining explosion of power-pop-punk.