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Single Review: Tom Figgins – ‘Rain On Me’

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Golden voiced up and comer Tom Figgins is a singer of admirable restraint. Although the rich, pounding melodies of his new single Rain On Me often boil over into a familiar kind of folk-pop over-exuberance, the real joys of the tune come from its understated eloquence. Indeed, the most impressive moment of the track is not its climax, but everything that leads Figgins to that point.

News: Tom Figgins Announces New Single ‘Rain On Me’Figgins’ lyrics work in the same way as his melodies. He knows how to keep things at once both accessible and dense, and although the metaphor of the rain may have become a cliché in the world of emotive pop, Figgins injects new life into the turn of phrase, meaning that it feels powerful and direct rather than overused.

Figgins’ vocal range is impressive, but once again, the real delights that come from hearing the man sing occur when the track recedes rather than ebbs; the moments when his ever so slightly husky timbres drop down to a passionate near-whisper.

Figgins is far from being a household name at the moment, but its hard not to see the man’s bright and impressive future when listening to Rain On Me. In a world of commercially overproduced pop, Figgins is a gem waiting to be unearthed, a singer possessing that most undervalued attribute: a real, understated honesty.