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Single Review: The Veronicas – ‘The Only High’

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Photo: Sony Music Australia

With the release of the single, In My Blood, twelve months ago, Australian twin-popsters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, better known as The Veronicas, started the process of softening the ground for the release their fourth album. Now, as the album’s release – the title of which is still a mystery – creeps closer, The Veronicas have released the third taster for the record, The Only High.

Whereas In My Blood, and On My Side, were electronic- and synth-pop affairs, The Only High is a stripped-back, piano and vocals driven ballad, occasionally augmented by strings. An electronic beat pops up around the second verse, somewhat tying the musicality of the track to that of the previous singles while not drastically altering the tone of the song.

As we have come to expect from the Origliasso sisters, the vocal performances are quite good. Harmonies towards the end of The Only High really hit their stride, although the high notes reached for throughout the track become overly breathy, lacking the power that would feel justified given the song’s mood. It is clear that The Veronicas feel more comfortable when they are called upon to deliver more of a power performance. Given the varied tones of the singles so far, it will be interesting to see the shape that full album takes when it is released.