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Single Review: The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Being Beige’

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Did somebody say new The Smashing Pumpkins material? But wait, it’s better than just your mere single release and an album to follow; frontman Billy Corgan has confirmed two new Pumpkins albums,  number one will be Monuments to an Elegy due for release this December, followed by Day For Night which has an unconfirmed 2015 release date. Currently a two member act between Corgan and guitarist Jeff Schroeder, the expectations are high for the group to deliver, not that we don’t have faith in the guys; Being Beige has been unveiled as the lead single from Monuments of an Elegy.

The Smashing Pumpkins-Being BeigeThe finger picking introduction of Being Beige is slightly out of character from SP’s guitar ridden alternative/rock tracks, but we are soon reassured after the lightly sung and carefully played intro gives way for their trademark grit in the chorus; Corgan and Schroeder have managed to sustain their classic 90s rock vibe and apply it to this alt/rock/pop fusion. It is, however, a little underwhelming as a lead single if you compare it to the likes of 2007’s Tarantula or 1999’s Everlasting Gaze; but this is a new era, and if Smashing Pumpkins came back with the same stuff they wouldn’t be able to show the world just how dynamic the group can be with their sound. Comparisons aside, as a first glimpse at their new material it’s quite refreshing to hear something a little lighter from the group; Being Beige demonstrates that perfectly.

The Smashing Pumpkins barely fail to enlighten their fans, Being Beige still consists of the stellar songwriting and direction by Corgan; you can hear a glimmer of their old school sound reverberating throughout the track, which is a good sign that the group still know what they’re all about and have the ability to take that further. The Smashing Pumpkins consistently make it harder for us to get over them, and it should stay that way!