Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

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Single Review: The Saturdays – ‘Not Giving Up’

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Not Giving Up is the latest single to be lifted from The Saturdays’ most recent record Living for the Weekend.  You can’t misplace the sound; this track was produced to be played across club airwaves.

The Saturdays Not Giving UpNot Giving Up is a mediocre effort for the group who have delivered quite a few hits in their time; if you were listening to it with your eyes closed you’d never guess there were five women contributing. There are just no levels to the song, it’s hard to understand how this track could stand independent of a remix and gain any market traction. To be honest the film clip is quite placid as well, the beginning feels like an advert and the girls go on to dance with and around fluoro lights – not captivating or appealing considering the depth the track has to offer.

Not Giving Up really feels as though it was a contractual obligation rather than something for the quintet to hang their hat on. If that was the objective than who are we to judge; it has certainly earned its 1.5 stars.