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Single Review: The Offspring – ‘Coming For You’

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Its been a while (almost three years) since we last heard some original material from veteran rockers The Offspring, the California band released their ninth studio album Days Go By back in 2012 and have yet to release any new original material since then. Last year the band released an EP titled Summer Nationals which consisted of covers of Bad Religion’s No Control & Do What You Want and Pennywise’s No Reason. Now in 2015 The Offspring finally provide their fans with what they have been waiting for a brand spanking new track titled Coming For You.

Coming For You - The OffspringWhilst a new song is what the fans have been waiting for, Coming For You is not exactly what Offspring fans were expecting. The new tune definitely has a fresh sound to it however; Coming For You feels like a watered down version of The Offspring that we all know and love. The track opens with a solid bassline and drum beat along with some classic Noodles vocals however; its the hook that really makes this tune feel like a somewhat cheesy mid-tempo sing-along, so if you’re after that classic Offspring punk sound then I hate to say you will probably be disappointed with this one.

Whilst I’m not really feeling Coming For You, I am still excited to see what the veteran punkers will produce for their upcoming tenth studio album which is expected to drop at some stage this year. It is unclear whether Coming For You will appear on the album or if it will play as a one off single, which ever it turns out to be I hope they will deliver something more hard hitting for their next release.