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Single Review: The Fallows – ‘Run Like A Dog’

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Ahh, folk music. It is a tricky genre to successfully nail on the head (in the best manner) or, indeed, stand out. There are generally two opposing veins; the first, alluringly heartfelt (or slightly sombre) tales of love, or instead, opposingly uplifting, good-time jaunts. It can all get a bit Mumford and Sons, especially in the wake of said band; they made folk acceptable for radio and stadiums in regards to a more youthful audience, and there are many imitators in the masses of folk influenced bands waiting to get their own piece of the pie.

The Fallows Run Like A DogWhen it comes to Coventry based band The Fallows, one cannot help but feel that this is somewhat the case; the repetitive rhythm, the sing-a-long group vocals, the odes to a lost love – it feels a tad over-familiar. There is, however, a certain comfort in familiarity, for Run Like A Dog is by no means a bad song. It manages to be mellow, with the group vocals holding an oddly soothing quality, and with the voices of singers and guitarists Pete Rutherford and Ross Darby harmonising nicely.

It does however, feel a little tried and tested and – sadly – formulaic as there is nothing here that makes Run Like A Dog stand out from its folk contemporaries. All that said however, the song is most definitely a radio friendly hit that would be completely at home at festivals – in fact, it practically begs to be taken to such a setting, and with their live shows being renowned for getting their audience dancing, both Run Like A Dog and The Fallows would – no doubt – go down a treat.