Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

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Single Review: Tame Impala – ‘Let It Happen’

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Let it Happen, the new single from Tame Impala, sees the band flirting with the commercial. Their trademark psych-pop sound is still evident, but the emphasis is now firmly on the pop, with the opening strains of the tune vaguely recalling Daft Punk’s mega-hit Get Lucky.

Tame Impala - Let It HappenNot that this is a band unwilling to take risks, and although the sound of the track is streamlined and slick, Tame Impala still know how to keep things interesting. The reverb-laden vocals successfully inject a little bit of mystery into the proceedings, and the seven minute plus running time stops the work from ever entirely becoming a radio friendly hit.

The keyboard led instrumental breaks are invigoratingly jaunty, helping to establish the single’s predominantly upbeat – though ever so slightly melancholy- sound. Things do start to become a little repetitive around the five minute mark however, and there’s never really enough going on in the latter half of the track to justify the length.

But even the slightly flabby feel of Let It Happen never swamps the single’s successes. All in all, it’s a solid little number; a glitzy little gem, dense enough to impress, but still accessible enough to mark it out as a truly admirable little pop number.