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Single Review: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – ‘The Deer and The Wolf’

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Moving away from her dance floor pleasers of the last decade, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has taken a step in a drastically different direction with her latest album Wanderlust. Written with English singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt, Ellis-Bextor’s fifth studio album is her highest-charting solo album since 2001’s Read My Lips. While Wanderlust showcases a completely different side to the starlet, this whimsical indie sound is not completely foreign to Ellis-Bextor, having fronted indie-rock outfit Theaudience in the late 1990s

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - The Deer & The WolfFourth single The Deer and The Wolf follows the release of tender ballad Young Blood, the mellow and sentimental Runaway Daydreamer, and Eastern European-influenced Love is a Camera. Ellis-Bextor uses the metaphor of the contrasting wild animals to explore the phenomenon of opposite attraction. Her quirky and cute Britpop sound is accompanied by equally charming lyrics: One waits in the dar / while the other seeks light / but they both have hearts / that break in the night.

The guitar and percussion arrangement is understated and definitely a far cry from the disco-pop sound Ellis-Bextor is most recognised for. Although The Deer and The Wolf is an endearing track, Ellis-Bextor needs to fine-tune her vocal delivery, transforming it from the detached style of disco performance to the sensitivity and sentimentality that this new folky direction demands.